How to & DIY's

We've recently started offering some yard games and DIY kits! Here's what you need to get rolling!



Our backyard dice sets sell in sets of 6. This opens up the door to numerous games like Farkel, Yatzi, and Bunco (close enough?) Need score sheets? Here ya go:

Pick the game of your choice, search that game + pdf, and you're golden. Have fun! Maybe you'll even create your own fun game!



DIY 6-pack 'sota caddy

Our 6-pack caddies have been a staple in our small business. Let us get the pieces cut, sanded and ready to go for you or a loved one. Then, you or someone else can assemble and customize away!




diy 6-pack 'sota caddy cont.

Need help building the caddy? We've got you covered! Here's a quick blog post with pictures showing how to put the pieces together and create your own 'Sota caddy.

Blog post will be up by Tuesday September 20th. Cheers!