what's in the shop? part II

I'm not going to lie... I've hopped on the Ridgid wagon. The collection is growing and so is my level of satisfaction. However, there's still plenty of room for other brands of power tools. One being my drill press. Mine is basic (just like my miter saw), but it does the trick. 

I don't build cabinets or fine furniture. I build beer caddies and bottle openers. Plus, this drill press matches my growing collection of orange and black tools!


^^^^I'm so hungry!


Forstner bits can be pricey, but the porter cable bits make my money go a long way. I only utilize 3 or 4 key sizes, but the set would have saved me a special trip to Menards. 

Well, there's another small batch of workshoppery! Keep up with me and hopefully I'll get some photo/video content to go with the "what's in the shop?" series. Cheers!



Blake Holte