what's in the shop? part I

One of my greatest interests is learning more about tools. My tools, yeah, but other makers' tools too. It's incredible how many "professionals" lack necessary tools. I'm hoping to shed some light on what works for me.

First off, my miter saw is the first stop for so many projects. I have a pretty basic hitachi saw, but it makes accurate cuts. 

One of the best things I ever did was dress this ugly green saw up with a red blade. This blade is good for EVERYTHING! I have never been happier with a blade.

Depending on what I'm working on, I'm going to end up spending some time sanding. I was going broke buying hook & loop discs for my Ridgid ROS. Here was my best solution: 

!I worked at a 3M plant that produced abrasives. It ruined me and kept me from buying the "cheap" discs, but these are affordable without sacrificing quality in the grit or the backing.


Here's a start to "what's in the shop?" Pop back for more Monday!

Why amazon links? I want to share with my friends, customers and peers. These are products that attribute to my growing little business. You'll be seeing more -- not just tools and abrasives, but hardware, safety gear and other bits and pieces that contribute to our products. Using the amazon affiliate links will help me to keep using solid products in the shop. 







Blake Holte